Ted Woods Award

  • This award will be presented to the adult in the community who typifies interest, support and hard work for the student athlete at North Rose-Wolcott.



    Mr. Theodore Woods                        1990

    Mr. Steve Boyer                                 1991

    Mr. and Mrs. Patricia Winter            1992

    Mr. Bob Mitchell                                 1993

    Mrs. Sally Smith                                 1994

    Mr. Richard Noyes                             1995

    Mr. Leo Ticconi                                  1996

    Mr. Joe Slack                                     1997

    Mrs. Mary Lou Lockwood                 1998

    Mr. George Mitchell                           1999

    Mr. Harold Frazer                               2000

    Mr. Robert Strong                              2001

    Mr. Red Munger                                 2002

    Mr. Gary Lockwood                           2003

    Mr. Aaron Petrosino                          2004

    Mrs. Debbie McIntyre                        2005

    Mr. Jon LaValley                                2006

    Mr. John Hewes                                 2007

    Pastor Dan Correctore                      2008

    Mr. Joseph Cahoon                           2009

    Mr. Michael Winter                             2010

    Mr. Marvin Cathy                                2011

    Mr. Mike Virts                                     2012

    Mr. Jerry DeCausemaker                  2013

    Mr. John Budinock                            2014

    Mr. Bob Monroe                                2015

    Mr. Ed Leisenring                              2016

    Mrs. Wendy Fralick                            2017

    Joe Barravecchio                               2018