Board of Education Goals

  • Board of Education Goals

    To raise academic achievement at all levels, the following goals have been established:

    1. Curriculum and staff development:
    Create and implement rigorous and relevant curriculum maps that are aligned to the standards and meet the needs of all learners.

    2. Orderly environment/student discipline:
    Create and maintain a consistent, orderly and disciplined learning environment with evidence of increased levels of respect, responsibility, safety and kindness through the PBIS program.

    3. Understand the financial capacity of our taxpayers:
    Develop a budget that funds the academic and educational needs of all of our students, provides for an efficient use of facilities, while respecting and understanding the financial needs of the taxpayers in our district.

    4. Gather data necessary to make decisions scientifically:
    Use local, state and national achievement data (quantitative), anecdotal teacher observation and perception data (qualitative) and a Value-Added Growth Model of student progress to drive district decision-making at all levels and areas.

    5. Athletics and extracurricular activities:
    Maintain an efficient schedule of a sufficient number and variety of extracurricular and athletic opportunities to involve the greatest possible number of students in performance, teamwork and sportsmanship.

    6. Relations with the community:
    Establish and maintain open communication, trust and credibility through newsletters, websites, Parent-teacher conferences, evening informational events and personal accessibility.

    7. Support services:
    Provide a greater number of meal choices of improved nutritional value. Maintain buildings and grounds that are clean, well-groomed, hazard-free and well-lit with clear signage. Operate a safe transportation system with bus runs of no more than one hour.